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Women in Stem with Dr Mrunal Jaywant

Drug Target Review

I started working as a trainee immediately after submitting my PhD thesis in Analytical chemistry to Pune university in India but initially felt immense pressure to prove myself, not only because I was a woman but also because there were very few PhD staff, in general.

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Transforming high-throughput screening with mass spectrometry

Drug Discovery World

Keeping pace with synthetic chemistry HTE in support of drug molecule design . Another emerging application area of timsTOF technology in the pharmaceutical industry is synthetic chemistry HTE, which involves developing large libraries of newly designed molecules by running large numbers of chemical reactions in parallel.

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Synthetic Origins


It really fits perfectly, and it is analogous to chemistry, where you've got synthetic chemistry and analytical chemistry. And do you feel like the field has reached an inflection point now, where a lot of the hype you initially worried about is now becoming real? Elowitz: I always liked the term.

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