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A step closer to ‘clinical trial in a dish’ for Alzheimer’s  

Drug Discovery World

has paved the way for the use of cell-based assays to investigate drug safety and efficacy, including this innovative ‘clinical trial in a dish’ approach. Chris Ward, CSO and Co-founder, StrataStem, added: “We are delighted to be entering this collaboration with the team at Axol.

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Multi-target collaboration to advance cachexia therapeutics

Drug Discovery World

This has the potential to deliver a generation of future therapeutics with high tissue specificity, low toxicity, and ultimately, safer and more effective medicines.” The agreement covers activities ranging from hit ID to development of cell-based assays, with an option for Endevica to further develop the peptide hits resulting from the screening (..)


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IRBM and Merck extend peptide therapeutics collaboration

Drug Discovery World

The post IRBM and Merck extend peptide therapeutics collaboration appeared first on Drug Discovery World (DDW).

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A covalent compound selectively inhibits RNA demethylase ALKBH5 rather than FTO

Covalent Modifiers

Herein, we used a targeted covalent inhibition strategy and identified a covalent inhibitor, TD19, which selectively inhibits ALKBH5 compared with FTO demethylase in protein-based and tumor cell-based assays. TD19 irreversibly modifies the residues C100 and C267, preventing ALKBH5 from binding to m6A-containing RNA.

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Atherosclerotic vascular disease | BMG LABTECH

BMG Labtech

In this blog, we highlight some of the solutions available for researchers to tackle atherosclerotic vascular disease: from fundamental research rooted in ischemia-reperfusion studies and cell-based assays to drug discovery efforts and the early detection of drug-related side effects. What is atherosclerotic vascular disease?

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Altasciences Completes Expansion of New State-Of-The-Art Laboratory in Columbia, Missouri

Alta Sciences

All three laboratories across North America are uniformly designed and managed. Whether as a standalone bioanalytical service or as part of an integrated program, Altasciences provides top-quality data for TK, PK, and PD determinations to support preclinical and clinical studies.

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Generation and characterization of mirikizumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody targeting the p19 subunit of IL-23 [Drug Discovery and Translational Medicine]


Mirikizumab effectively inhibits the interaction of IL-23 with its receptor, and potently blocks IL-23-induced IL-17 production in cell-based assays while preserving the function of IL-12. In both local and systemic in vivo mouse models, mirikizumab blocked IL-23-induced keratin mRNA or IL-17 production, respectively.