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Most New Doctors Have Faced Sexual Harassment, Study Shows

MONDAY, March 25, 2024 -- The #MeToo movement has done little to blunt sexual harassment among health care professionals, a pair of new studies report.More than half of all new doctors are subjected to sexual harassment during their first year on.

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Fattening Doctors To Promote Weight Loss Drugs

Forbes: Drug Truths

In order to promote its weight-loss and diabetes drugs, Novo Nordisk bought doctors almost a half a million meals in 2022.

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Pharma maintains high level of trust from UK public and doctors

Drug Discovery World

The post Pharma maintains high level of trust from UK public and doctors appeared first on Drug Discovery World (DDW). With this in mind, there is much optimism – and great expectations – about pharma’s ability to tackle future crises.”

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Chat GPT Can Produce Medical Records Ten Times Faster Than Doctors

FRIDAY, March 29, 2024 -- Artificial intelligence programs could be an effective way to relieve the paperwork burden that keeps doctors from seeing more patients, a new study finds.The AI program Chat GPT can write administrative medical notes up.

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One way to reduce medical errors? Connect doctors with other doctors

SCIENMAG: Medicine & Health

We trust our doctors with our lives, but the sad and scary fact is that doctors can get things wrong. Approximately 100,000 Americans die each year due to medical errors and recent studies have found that 10 to 15% of all clinical decisions regarding patient diagnosis and treatment are wrong.

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Doctors Still Beat AI in Offering Accurate Medical Advice: Study

After pitting the latest AI against actual human physicians, the doctors easily won, reports a team led by Dr. Andrei. WEDNESDAY, April 3, 2024 -- It might be too soon to rely solely on machine learning for health advice, a new study finds.

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ChatGPT Equals Doctors in Diagnosing Emergency Department Patients

18, 2023 -- Emergency medicine doctors someday might rely on consultation from artificial intelligence (AI) programs like ChatGPT to help them quickly and accurately diagnose patients’ ailments. MONDAY, Sept. A new study found that ChatGPT.

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