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Tackling pain and mental health with plant-based medicines

Drug Discovery World

Lastly, for treatment of substance use disorders, few pipeline drugs are currently undergoing clinical trials, yet those in trial only address the withdrawal symptoms but not the underlying reward circuitry and the cravings. RA: What advantages does a plant-based approach bring to drug development?

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Global advances in synthetic biology

Drug Discovery World

However, the development of drugs takes decades which is too long for most biotech start- ups looking for fast-track drug development programs. This study is an example of computational biology, genetic sequencing, and synthetic chemistry coming together to unlock the secrets of bacterial evolution.” .


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Following our pole star to a transformative collaboration

Dark Matter Blog

Our Chinese CROs are back online and doing synthetic chemistry at a pre-pandemic pace. And we’re flexing our “resilience” muscles – great exercise for anyone in the long game of drug development. Today everyone’s working from home except for occasional visits to top off liquid nitrogen freezers and keep the NMR alive.

RNA 52
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AWS helps Pfizer accelerate drug development and clinical manufacturing

The Pharma Data

Pfizer scientists will also collaborate with AWS healthcare and life sciences professionals to explore how researchers in Pfizer’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Small Molecules teams can extract and mine information from legacy documents by leveraging AWS analytics and machine learning services.