Sat.May 25, 2024

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Gardeners, Landscapers: Watch Out for These High Heat Danger Signs

SATURDAY, May 25, 2024 -- Climate change is pushing daytime summer temperatures higher for longer periods of time, and that can spell real danger for folks who work outside, like gardeners and landscapers. Protecting yourself in the heat and.

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Chemoproteomics Identifies State-Dependent and Proteoform-Selective Caspase-2 Inhibitors

Covalent Modifiers

José O. Castellón, Samuel Ofori, Nikolas R. Burton, Ashley R. Julio, Alexandra C. Turmon, Ernest Armenta, Carina Sandoval, Lisa M. Boatner, Evan E. Takayoshi, Marina Faragalla, Cameron Taylor, Ann L. Zhou, Ky Tran, Jeremy Shek, Tianyang Yan, Heta S. Desai, Oliver I. Fregoso, Robert Damoiseaux, and Keriann M. Backus Journal of the American Chemical Society 2024 DOI: 10.1021/jacs.3c12240 Caspases are a highly conserved family of cysteine-aspartyl proteases known for their essential roles in regula


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New patent expiration for ZYLA drug OXAYDO

Drug Patent Watch

Annual Drug Patent Expirations for OXAYDO Oxaydo is a drug marketed by Zyla and is included in one NDA. It is available from one supplier.

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Which pharmaceutical drugs have the most drug patents in Slovenia?

Drug Patent Watch

This chart shows the drugs with the most patents in Slovenia. Patents must be filed in each country (or, in some cases regional patent office) where patent protection is desired.

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How Machine Learning Drives Clinical Trial Efficiency

Clinical trial data management is increasingly challenging as studies grow in complexity. Quickly accessing and analyzing study data is vital for assessing trial progress and patient safety. In this paper, we explore real-time data access and analysis for proactive study management. We investigate using adverse event (AE) data to monitor safety and discuss a clinical analytics platform that supports collaboration and data review workflows.