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‘Proactive’ vaccine can protect against unknown future coronaviruses

Drug Discovery World

For example, the new vaccine does not include the SARS-CoV-1 coronavirus, which caused the 2003 SARS outbreak, yet it still induces an immune response to that virus. By training the immune system to attack these regions, it gives protection against other coronaviruses not represented in the vaccine.

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EPA publishes draft Meaningful Involvement Policy

Agency IQ

The Environmental Protection Agency has released a draft of its Meaningful Involvement Policy, an update of a 2003 policy, which seeks to improve the interactions of the agency with stakeholders about agency actions.

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Atlas Venture 2023 Year In Review


We then shift to the venture ecosystem and the broader capital markets, highlighting the parallels with twenty years ago, post the genomics bubble in 2002-2003. As usual, we close with a brief update on Atlas itself.

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How Broad’s summer research programs have helped launched careers in STEM

Broad Institute

BSRP and BSSP, since 2003 and 2013 respectively, have taught students research and laboratory skills and helped them feel a sense of belonging in STEM.

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OPDP Issues First Regulatory Action Letter of 2022

Eye on FDA

Eye on FDA maintains a database that contains the results of Warning and Untitled letters issued by OPDP going back through 2003. Warning Letters can be found performing a search here , while Untitled Letters are listed here. It includes 352 letters covering over 450 communications vehicles and over 1100 violations.

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A personal view on antibody drug development

Drug Discovery World

Dr Schon obtained his PhD in Cancer Research from The University of Cambridge before joining Sir Greg Winter’s biotech venture Domantis in 2003 which was acquired by GSK three years later. Biography Oliver Schon, PhD, has been VP, R&D at BiVictriX Therapeutics since September 2021.